Want to lose weight!

I want to be superskinny again.. But I can´t stop eating candy.
That is just so unfair..

(Know my boobis was small but that is before the operation)
I don´t remember how I got to be this thin but the worst is that I got bigger again!!
I will be this thin again! Did not eat much at that time.
Like 2 times a week.. Maybe that was the secret.
Now by body is craving food like 2 times a day.
At that time I did not want food, I still don´t want to but now I eat anyway -WHY..???
I can start a diet next month because I wont get any money so that will be a great time to do this! =D
Wish me luck!!!!

Kate 2012

So I know my blog has been a bit slow lately. That is just because I don´t know what to say...
I want so much, I do so little!
This years plan is to go to school and get some grades so I can go to the school I want to and be what I want to be. But there is a long way to go and I´m (sad to say) not young anymore..

Have been feeling low a few months and that is no fun at all. Feels like I´m just waithing to die. Life just pass me by. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days.. Same same..
I want to meet people, I want to have a social job, I want to meet a lovely boy (I did meet a boy in Thailand from Denmark but that is still so far away) I want to be happy!
But I look in the mirror and I see myself... "Who can love someone like this?" I for sure don´t love me..

I want to have a total makeover. New face, body, personality, job, life.. I want to be someone else.

Photo.. Yes, it is still fun to take pictures, buy I don´t want to edit them because THAT is no fun. So I have hundreds of pictures of models just laying here - Not done.

I have to get a new start somehow so now I´m re-decorate my livingroom!
I did get some bookshelfs today, and I have turned everything upside down. My bicycle is no longer in the apartment. So tomorrow I will keep doing that. I want to get a new couch but that will be some other day.. First I have to do everything else.
And I want to have pictures on the wall that I have taken.
But my apartment will never be ok because I have to much things. A million pair of shoes, and to much clothes all over. Not to mention all the papers. I HATE paper! But everyday the mail come and give me some new paper that I cant throw away. File them? Yes that would be a plan but I don´t know how. I will never find a peper in a file.. Now I know there are "here somewhere"..

Kate 2012 is probably not going to be any different then Kate 2011..
Kate 2011 had so many dreams that was started and completely broken down by other people. I don´t dare to hade dreams anymore because they never come true even if someone promise to make them happen.

Tomorrow I will try to wake up happy and see the good things in life.. Whatever that is..


Photo, Makeup and Me...

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