Amazing, I feel cute! =)

So, for my birthday (No! I never get older then 20 anyway) I did an order from E.L.F cosmetics UK. I wanted a hug and a kiss in my package but I didn´t get that.. =/
But at least I got the makeup! =D
I think one of the eyeshadows is wrong, the name is right but the colour is way dark. I will e-mail E.L.F and ask.

This look is made only with E.L.F products.. Or almost.. The Vitamin E moisture cream I used first is from Body Shop..

So here is a list of what I did use:

All Over Colour Stick – Spotlight & Toffee
Flawless Finish Foundation – Porcelain (and that is empty now! *panic*
Mineral Glow Shimmer
Golden Bronzer
Cream Blush – Vixen
Body Shimmer – Mystic Moonlight
Cream Eyeshadow – Candlelight
Pigment Eyeshadow – Golden Goddess
Pigment Eyeshadow – Magical Maroon
Pigment Eyeshadow – Innocent Ivory
Lash Extending Mascara
Cream Eyeliner - Black
Conditioning Lip Balm – Nice & Natural

Holy hell, that was a lot of stuff..
If anyone would have told me to use all of this I probably would have thought “Ooooh no!” But it is not that hard. As long as you know what to do with it and what look you want to have it is really easy. And you need different things to do a makeuplook that is more then mascara and eyeliner.

Have a great day! =D

New look

Tonight I have been doing yet another makeuplook.
I do this for future photosessions so I know how the makeup will show on picture when I have models here. 
It is fun and I can play around however I want and I also do it to get over my selfhate.
I really need to learn to live with how I look...
I have been using Body Glow from E.l.f for the first time and now I have glitter all over. I just wont go away. =D
You can´t really see it in the picture because I made the pictures black and white.
I also used the wonderful foundation E.l.f has, I have told you about that in another blogpost. =)
So what else... I did Contour and Highlight with colour sticks, and I used E.l.f´s mineral eyeshadows. A lovely pink/golden lipstick from Max Factor that I can´t buy here in Sweden. And a peach blush from H&M.
Damn... Now I have to show you a colour picture anyway.. Hahaha..

So now you have seen that..
And you see that the Body Glow does not show so well on picture, but in real life it is another story. And I had it on my sholuders and all over...
I like the pictures better in black and white. Portraits often are better in BW...

Another boring night turned out to be a fun makeup/photo night.. =)


This is SO amazing!!
Think I have to change my mind about favorite product from ELF.
Okay that Complexion Perfection still is in the top 3 but now after I have been using Flawless Finish Foundation for some time I just have to say it is now nr 1.
And with Complexion Perfection and Golden Bronzer on that.... Holy hell!!!! =)) 
With some foundations you can feel sticky and sometimes foundations seem to make your skin dry and it feels like you have a mask on. This foundation have non of that!!! It is just a perfect foundation that makes your face look absolutly beautiful!
It is easy to blend in blush - harsh lines are never a problem!!
I might have to say that I have dry skin so I know it works on that type of skin anyway. =D
And for me that takes a lot of pictures this is the best gift from makeup-Gods ever!
Forget the work in photoshop where you have to soften models skin to look great. This foundation does that for you!! =)

To be just I would put a picture of me without it so you can see the different before and after. But I really cant do that now when my skin look this superduper great with the foundation! =D
The best part is that when I ONLY have the foundation -no mascara, eyeliner, blush etc- people are saying that I look so healthy and fresch even without makeup.. If they only knew the secret.. ;)

So if you are thinking about buying Flawless Finish Foundation, stop thinking! Just do it! =)
I don´t get a penny from ELF to say something like this.
But WHY wouldnt I share the secret of the best product ever with everyone else? =)

Have a wonderful week!!!

Wii New Lipstick Colours

No, I don´t have them, but E.L.F soon has and I want them because I have told you that I need to use more lipstick. And now when I dont have braces anymore it is a great time to start. =)
I do use E.L.F´s Nice & Natural lipbalm and there Matt pen in peach but I might need a few with colour.
So I hope they will send these new colours to me so I can say to you what I think about them! =D

And yes, I did get a lot of E.L.F from my sister when she came from USA so for those of you who follow me on youtube you have alredy seen that video I made about that package. And my other E.L.F videos. =D

Mer smink.....? =O

Ja e lite galen jag vet de, men å andra sidan så ha ja inte dött av de än så ja kan lika väl fortsätta va lite galen. =D 
Vissa tycker att ja e helt skum som lägger så mycke pengar på smink men skulle ja inte köpa de så skulle ja använda dom till nå annat som ja kanske inte skulle tycka va lika kul.
Har beställt en hel del från E.L.F i år och jag har egentligen allt jag behöver för 7000 sminkningar MEN så va min syster till USA och där är ju sminket ännu billigare än om man beställer från England + att dom dessutom hade 40% off..
Trodde att jag bara gjorde en liten order me tanke på att min syster skulle rymma de i sin väska hem. Men när hon kom hit me den va de västa påsen. E.L.F ha ju en lite ovana att ha större förpackningar än va själva produkten är så de tog lite plats. 1.4kg smink lixom..
Va kanske ingen liten order som ja hade tänkt mig. ;)
Men i USA är inte sminket bara billigare de finns även en massa färger å saker som England inte ha tagit hem så ja va ju som tvunget att passa på nu då hon faktiskt var där. =D

Jag är ju galet förälskad i blush så nu ha ja fan varenda färg som finns i världshistoien. Känns iaf så, klart att de finns färger ja inte har men ja behöver inte mer. Å nu ha ja bestämt mig för att inte köpa mer! Måste få slut på lite av de som ja ha. ;)
Här på bilden är bland annat lite Body Shimmer och Body Glow och sånt som ja inte hittat på Engelska E.L.F.
Sen eftersom de va så billigt köpte ja 4 mineral skuggor oxå, de verka va himla fina färger så ja ser verkligen fram emot att testa dehär!!! =)
Om man bli lyckligare av smink?
De är så sjukt jävla kul att kolla genom sin sminkväska och fundera ut va man ska använda denhär gången! Att ha valet och faktiskt få beslutsångest e fan så mycke roligare än att bara ha samma 3 ögonskuggor och en blush varje dag.. =)
Ska se om jag idag kan göra en HAUL och lägga ut på youtube. =)

Highlighting & Contouring!

So what have I been up to today? I have been trying highlighting and contouring with creams instead of powders. I know how to do it with powders and I think I have done a great job the times I have tryed it for real.

But the thing with creams.. I have never been abel to do it good!

But today – Holy Hell! I made it!

Or at leat I think so.. I did take some pictures and it looks pretty awesome.

I´m awesome!
And then I just wash off the whole amazing creation.. Why?? Maybe I´m not that awesome after all.. Why did I not do a whole look when I had that super foundation to work with? I have no idea and I will never know I must have blacked out or something.... I have som gloss on but thats it..


Just hope that I will manage to do this great foundation next time too – Or at least next time I´m going out. ;)

Next time I do this I will take pictures in steps så you all can se “from what to this”. It is a BIG difference. =)

ELF "HAUL"... (?) =)

Okay so it is now time to say something about the makeup I got last weekend from ELF cosmetics.
My package was gone so I had to email England to ask where it was, and they did answer fast! Thank you ELF!! So I got my package last Saturday and I have tryed some of the makeup and I really love this things!!

I ordered more from there Studio and Mineral line this time. Last time it was more from there sheapest things. And they was not as good as the things I got this time!
When you see it like this it seem to be a lot of things!! It is not much! And it did not cost that much eather just a bit over £50.
So this time I tryed to think before I did my order. “What do I need?”
I really need face-products. I have a milion eyeshadows and other things but nothing to make a good foundation!

Elf now have Flawless Finish Foundation so I got 2 becaus I did not know what colour I need. Porcelain is to pink and light for me but Sand seem to be a good colour. I have not tryed it yet but I think I will do that this weekend. =)

I also got Tone Correcting Concealer in 3 colours Apricot Beige, Ivory and Light Beige. I think I can have them all depending om what kind of look I am going to do.

I have heard a lot about Elf´s Complexion Perfection and I did NOT believe it at all I thought it was a lot of crap what people said about it. They all said like: your skin will be soft and will get the perfect, natural shade without redness and other flaws you might have. So you hear – Too good to be true right? Well I have to say that I was wrong.. It was so true! My skin is smoth and perfect toned to creat a great base! I don´t know how this work but it do!!!!
The I got a Cool Bronzer (upper left) it was to dark for me.

And a Golden Bronzer – That is the beeeeeest bronzer I have ever tryed (I think) It gives the whole face a great glow and you feel so fresch! If you don´t want to shine and sparkel then this golden bronzer is a bad idea for you.

Next up is Mineral Glow Bronzed – That is a really brown bronzer. The glow is so pretty but to dark colour for me. They only have 2 colours so I got them both. =)

Mineral Glow Shimmer
is so nice and I really love it but you have to be careful when you use this so you don´t look like a disco-glitter-ball.. =)

Mineral Booster Sheer
– As the name say. Working!

Mineral Booster Shimmer
– Holy bananas this is great! =) I understand why this one is just in a small box. You don´t need much. Unfortunately this Shimmer Boost was open when I got it so there was shimmer all over the place...

Eye primer Champagne, Pearl and Natural they do not work at all for me. The colours is really great when you try them on the back of your hand but not on your eyelid. So that is all I will say about them..

Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder – This is one of the best things I have ever tryed when it comes to highlighter. So that is what I use it for (and if you have some spotlight all over colour stick under it is super!)

Black Cream eyeliner with brush. I have never tryed cream eyeliner but this is really so amazing great! The brush makes a good job and the line is perfect And it stay on all day. I did try it on my waterline and it was ok but I don´t know if it is recommended.

Studio Matt Lip Colour Coral – I LOVE this lipstick. I need to have another one just to make sure I wont loose it! Matt as the name tell you, a natural look. Lovely!!!

Eyeliner and Shadow Stick pearl/glow – This is a big nono... The both colours is the same when you put it on even if they look different in the stick.

Wayne Goss have told everybody for a loooong time that a great brush is something you need to create the best makeup look. And I did believe I hadgreat brushes – I was wrong!
NOW I have great brushes!

I did buy some earlyer this summer and I just had to have more!
So Now I got (from the top)

Powder Brush – Lovely!

Complexion brush – Great!

Blush Brush – Perfect!!!

Angled Contour Brush - to big for my eyelid.

Eyeshadow “C” Brush – The best ever!

Small Angled Brush – Super!

They are SO soft and they do a perfect job every time and they pick up makeup and it really feels like you have total control over the colours with these brushes!

Last but not least!

Brush Shampoo – I need to try this and see if it is better then how I clean my brushes today. I do not want to ruin my great brushes ;)

And Blending Wedges I don´t have to say anything about them I think you all redy know about them. =)

So I hope that you all have find this usefull in some way. Do you want to know more plz let me know and I will try to answer a fast as possible! =)



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