Who is Kate?

Ja, ska man lita på de som står på internet så är dehär Kate:
Kate is unique. She is not like your average girl. She is genuine in everything she does. Her loyalty is phenomenal and you never have to doubt her. Kate's kindness inspires others to do good things.
Kate is not weak though. She is a strong independent girl who can get herself through anything she sets her mind to.
She is hilarious! Sometimes she has a dry sense of humor, and other times she just knows to how make people laugh. She tends to be random at times...really random. But she knows when to be serious. Kate has been told by many that her advice changes the way they look at life.
Kate has a very bubbly personality that makes anyone comfortable talking with her. She also has beauty. A nice figure with luscious hair and sparkling eyes. When she smiles, it lights up a whole room.
Her intelligence is also above average. She is able to learn quickly and apply. Kate has many good personality traits, but she is not self-conceited. As a matter of fact, she has some downers too.
Sometimes Kate can be a little too sarcastic. That can offend some people, but she apologizes. She also has a tendency to procrastinate from time to time. But she still manages to get everything done.

And of course, the one word that is the legit definition of Kate - Pure.
En annan tolkning är:

An easygoing, relaxed person who is the best friend anyone could ask for. Kates are often very random but are the most loyal people in the world. If ever something bothers you, Kate is the one to go to, as she will always have good advice and can make any situation less awkward by saying something totally random and usually sex-related. Her mind can be slightly sick but you love her for it. Kates are genuinely lovely people who will always remain friends for life.
Skulle jag själv skriva en tolkning om "vem Kate är" så kanske de inte riktigt skulle se ut så.
Men de märkliga är att när folk jag känner säger saker om mig, så är de just sånthär dom säger..
De är bara min deppiga sida som drar ner helheten och som skrämmer folk - vilket är de som resulterar i att jag är ensam. Å ensamheten gör mig deppig, så de är en ond cirkel. =)
Tack alla söta människor i mitt liv!
Don´t give up on me...


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